Here Is Love, vast as the ocean

From the title you may think this is a traditional hymn from Songs Of Fellowship (168)  – you would be half right!

The tune for this version is identical to the original (Robert Lowry 1826-99), but with a significant change, by Kate Simmonds, of time signature (to 4/4) and the addition of a chorus.

All three verses are attributed to William Rees (1802-83) but verse three never appeared in SOF1.  I must confess, as beautiful as the final phrase of verse 2 is, it always left me tinged with sadness rather than joy.

The imagery of verses one and two is wonderful – and I think the new chorus relates God’s action back into our daily lives.

What do we do in response to a God that ‘Kissed a guilty world in love’? – verse three declares it at a personal level.