Lent Groups

For 2017 we will be using the film ‘Chocolat’ as the basis of small discussion groups.

We are also encouraging participation in the ‘Kagera Lent Challenge‘ – click on the link to dowload a printable booklet (opens in a new tab).

Existing House Groups will plan their respective dates and times, all of the weekly printed material can be accessed below.

You would be welcome to join any of the groups at any time, you do not need to attend church to join in.It is useful for you to have seen the entire film through before the sessions start (it lasts 2 hours) – but this is not absolutely essential. Anyone is welcome to join one of the film viewing dates (on 2nd March at Old Newton or Bacton as shown below).

Click here for printable invitations – ask a friend to join you at one of the groups.

Date Old Newton Bacton
Bacton Rectory
02-Mar-17 2pm (Viewing film) 7pm (Viewing Film)
Week 1 09-Mar-17 7pm
Week 2 16-Mar-17 7pm
Week 3 23-Mar-17 7pm
Week 4 30-Mar-17 7pm
Week 5 06-Apr-17 7pm


There is a printed sheet for each week, with some material to be read before the session starts, and some for reading afterwards – the sheet for the next week will usually be given out at the end of previous weeks session.

If you need the reading material for any particular session, you can access them below. (The files are designed to be printed in ‘Booklet’ format within the PDF viewer; to achieve this you will need to download the file(s) first).