Wickham Skeith – Amenities Project

This work includes:-

  • Re-order the West end of the church.
  • Introduce a kitchen area and toilet.
  • Repair the gallery

Current Situation

Formal permission for the project is being sought for the Diocesan Advisory Committee; work will hopefully start later in 2018.

Raising Funds

While much has already been offered toward the work, grants are required, and a significant amount of money is still needed.  A number of fund raising activities are planned, which include:

  • Monthly Coffee Morning / Book Sale on the first Friday of each month (starting in October 2016).
    If you have any unwanted books, please call Margaret on (01449) 767121


In the event that the money raised for this work exceeds that for the work; any residual funds will be moved back into the general funds of the PCC unless specifically requested otherwise.