Benefice Vision

As a Benefice, we are actively praying and working on our mission within the community.

Growing in GodThis is part of our Diocesan ‘Growing in God’ initiative; which focuses on four facets of growth:

  • Number – of people attending services.
  • Influence – in our community.
  • Depth – of our personal faith and spirituality.
  • Younger – being relevant to families of all ages.

Vision Day – 4th February 2017


Overview of the day

This was attended by around 20 people (some people were ill and could not attend).  There was some representation of each parish / church.

The day started at 10am with worship, and our work was mixed with three short Bible studies (giving some context to what we aimed to achieve).

jogsaw1160We reflected on:

  • Our existing situations
  • What we may like / be able to do
  • The things that could be achievable / move us on

From a summary of all the ideas, we selected items that were most popular with the people present.

A significant aspect of the time was the ability to get to know each other more; lunch was ‘bring and share’ – for which there plenty to eat!

Most popular ideas

  • Create a welcome pack
    • Aimed at new housing – particularly around Bacton but seen as a useful resource and approach for all parishes.
  • Establish a prayer group and prayer chain
  • Provision of space for refreshments / fellowship after each service.
  • Run a ‘Growing in faith’ style course within the Benefice

Other ideas from the day

  • Make our churches warm and comfortable
  • Run a Summer Holiday Club
  • Create a support group / café for computing support
    • The thought here was around helping people gain access to the internet / email, and address needs of the lonely.
  • Establish a (Possibly Pub based ) / discussion group.

What Next?

This summary will be presented to each PCC, with the aim of finding people that may want to move an idea forwards in some way.

The top ideas (from the day) will be reported in the March edition of Heartbeat; congregations will be encouraged to collaborate with ideas (in conjunction with their PCC) if appropriate.

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