Benefice Services

3rd and 5th SundaysOldNewton8

On a third or fifth Sunday, all congregations meet at one of the Chuches.  These services start at 10am, and rotate between the Chuches in the Benefice.

The service is usually an All Age Communion, these are suitable for young and old.  The location of these services is:



01 January 2017 Old Newton
15 January 2017 Wyverstone
29 January 2017 Bacton
19 February 2017 Cotton
19 March 2017 Old Newton
16 April 2017

Easter Services

30 April 2017 Wickham Skeith
21 May 2017 Bacton
18 June 2017 Wyverstone
16 July 2017 Wickham Skeith
30 July 2017 Bacton
06 August 2017 Old Newton
13 August 2017 Cotton
20 August 2017 Wyverstone
27 August 2017 Wickham Skeith

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