Services and events

There are several types of service, to which all are welcome.  Some services are specifically attentive to the needs of families and children (such as Afternoon Praise, or Praise in the Community), others are more traditional; if you want to know more, please call The Rectory—  01449 258149

Service locations and times are published in our monthly ‘Heartbeat‘ and from week to week the readings for services, along with events around the Benefice are provided in a Pew Sheet.  Recent / Current copies of Pew Sheets are available on this website by clicking here.

Details of services each week in any one of the churches are on the respective dedicated pages of this site.  A map of all churches in the Stowmarket area is available on  A Church Near You.

Benefice Services – 3rd Sunday in a month
(and during August)


Are listed below, or on one of our Facebook Pages.  A weekly sheet also incorporates regular and special events we are aware of.  Services that are specific to a church can be found on the respective church pages ( see side-bar menu on the right)

You may also be interested in the various groups and activities which happen on a regular basis around the parishes in the locality.

Click on the following link for a Diocesan list of all church events happening across Suffolk.

Details of a new event for the diary

If you would like to have your event included in our diary, please complete the following details:

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