Thank You Again

Dear all

You will recall some discussion about where the residual funds of our choir should be donated.

The conclusion was that equal (£500 each) shares should go to St Nicholas Hospice and the John Le Vay Cancer information centre.

Replies from donations

Val & I are still waiting to hear when we can move – it is all in the hands of the solicitors….!  If all goes to plan we will be in Felixstowe by Christmas (or soon after!).

Thank you again for you support with the choir, although we only existed for a short time, I think we had some good fun and were able to contribute to people of our villages and beyond.




2 thoughts on “Thank You Again

  1. Really enjoyed our short but very sweet time with the choir and so glad that the funds have gone to such good causes. I am so sad to see you both go but am hoping, no expecting to see you in Felixstowe at “Tiddley om pom pom” for afternoon tea in the summer. Thanks for giving us such an enjoyable experience. Best regards, Barbara.

  2. We owe our thanks to you two David. We will miss you both in the village. And thanks again for your help with the concert-we are there! Peter.

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