Rehearsals for Spring 2018

I have updated the web site, to reflect rehearsals starting on 16th January 2018.  The new music backing / part tracks are also now available.

There are some new pieces, for which music has been ordered, but if you follow the link on the web site you may find some music there for a while (this is not the music you will use, but it may give you a clue for some pre-rehearsal work!).

The new pieces are:

  • For the beauty of the earth (Rutter)
  • Grace (a version of Amazing Grace)
  • I dreamed a dream (Les Miserables)
  • Your Face (Bob Chilcott)

The Chilcott piece is my challenge for the concert – it is a little tricky rhythm wise!

You will get the new music at the first rehearsal you attend.

To help my production of CD’s – please ALL complete the following form; this will send me an automated email.


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