Update from surgeon

I saw my surgeon this Wednesday (23rd Nov) – and advised my cancer was stage 1, and with it removed, I now have the ‘All Clear’.  There will be some routine monitoring over the next few years, just to keep a check on things.

This is great news, and leaves me with the task of gradually improving my strength.  I am still tired quite a lot of the time, but gradually getting out more (even managed my first drive in the car today – so watch out!).

I have started work on a repertoire for 2018 – more of that later.

Items that you already have that will be in the Summer (June ish 2018) concert will be:

  • May it be
  • The great gnome robbery
  • This little light
  • Sunrise Sunset
  • You raise me up
  • All I ask of you

So keep working on those if you can – I will confirm the new material soon.


7 thoughts on “Update from surgeon

  1. Hi David

    What excellent news! Many thanks for post. Hope you are back to full strength very soon!

    Very best wishes to you and Val


    Sent from my iPad

  2. David. Well my man, excellent news! Saw you walking with Val in the village and you looked good! Keep up the good work. Just as well we’re not ‘choiring’ at the moment my throat still feels as tho’ I’ve had a hacksaw at it.

    Will have to get the folder out and dust it down.

    Shout if you need another bag of wood.


  3. David, that’s really good news. Hopefully you can both now look to the future with confidence and gradually return to good health.
    Have missed the singing and looking forward to starting again in 2018.

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