Sunday – 26th February 2017

The weekly update of news and readings for this Sunday before Lent.
Would you also like to join us in the  Kagera Lent Challenge?

This Week

Not_bread_aloneUse this link to access the  Pew Sheet

  • 9:30 Bacton (Holy Communion)
  • 9:30 Wickham Skeith
  • 11:00 Cotton
  • 11:00 Old Newton

Ash Wednesday (1st March)

To start the season of Lent we have both a daytime and evening service of Holy Communion with ashing:

  • Services are at Wickham Skeith (10am) and Wyverstone (7pm)

Next Sunday (5th March)

  • 9:30 Bacton
  • 9:30 Wickham Skeith – Holy Communion (with healing)
  • 11:00 Old Newton  – Holy Communion
  • 3:00pm Gipping – Evening Prayer(BCP)
  • 6:30pm – Wyverstone – Praise in the Community.  This month Val and David reflect on their two visits to the Holy Land.

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