Community Choir

Rehearsals start again on 10th January 2017

After our first live performance (of one piece) hopefully you have a flavour of what can be achieved.  I know the signing was very much appreciated by everyone at the Community Cafe.

Please bring all your music, including the ‘Festive Christmas’ (which will be collected in for safe keeping).  New music will be given out – all of the backing tracks area available via our web-site pages.

Click here for songs / link to tracks

I have also been handed a pale blue jumper – left at the Community Cafe; if it could be yours, please let me know (I will bring it to the first rehearsal anyway).

I have had two new enquiries from soprano singers – I know you will make them welcome.



4 thoughts on “Community Choir

  1. Dear David,unfortunately I shall be absent this Tuesday as Parish Council and for following two weeks as we are on hols. I am on late 7th Feb so will arrive as soon as I can and am at PC again on 14th Feb. Hopefully things will improve after that!!

  2. Hi All,
    Still coughing well so I do not think any of you would appreciate me being there till this has cleared up.
    Happy singing.

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