Heartbeat for December

The monthly news for the Bacton Benefice.

The Pew sheet will follow soon – there were a couple of late changes needed, please be patient.

You can access Heartbeat on the link below (but please read the following note first).

Problems with printing have been identified by some; the problems have been found to be around the way the file is accessed.  If you simply click on the link below, and attempt to print you will probably have some difficulties – because the system that is used cannot work with your printer at optimum effectiveness.

The approach that works is to download the file, and save it on your own PC; and then to print that file using your PDF / adobe software.

To download the file you must ‘right-click’ on the link; and then select ‘save target as’ (or some similar prompt).  The file will be saved on your PC, and once downloaded, you should be given the option to OPEN the file – this will use your local PDF software.

The latest update from Adobe / PDF allows for ink/toner saving – and this is undoubtedly very effective; coupled with a draft mode, considerable benefits in saving ink can be obtained for most routine print work.

If the above is too confusing, and you are having problems, please contact David at the Rectory.

Click here for Heartbeat


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