The Trinity – Explained?

Three strands of coloured wool

Attempting to explain something of the Trinity.

Sunday 22nd May is Trinity Sunday, and I will be (at some risk?) at St Mary’s Bacton , attempting to explain something of the Trinity; using, yes you may already have guessed – some wool.

What can possibly go wrong? – (as you can see I am already tied up in knots) so come along and find out! The service starts at 9:30am, and lasts for about an hour.

I know we will have refreshments after the service, which is always a good time to challenge the minister about their sermon.  (I wonder if Bacton know about Chocolate Biscuits, and how they form an essential part of being a welcoming community?).

One thought on “The Trinity – Explained?

  1. The best explanation of the Trinity which helped me was when the Rev Bill Armitage used water to explain to the children that water can be 3 things. Water to drink, to make ice & be boiled creating steam. Patricia Willis


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